Thermoforming in advertising – 3 popular materials

Thermoforming in advertising

Thermoforming is a popular technol used in the production of advertisements. Currently, various materials are available, the three most popular are described below.


PMMA – organic glass

PMMA known also as plexiglass, thermoforming
Plexiglass thermoformed and folded

PMMA is a thermoplastic material. It is available in the form of plates, but also rods and pipes. Manufacturers of PMMA boards use such trade names as Perspex, Altuglas, Plexiglass or Akrylon. It is commonly referred as plexi, plexiglass or acrylic.

PMMA is a hard and scratch-resistant material, smooth and transparent. It can be hot formed by pressing and bending, it is subjected to all mechanical processing. Plexiglass is also resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation, diluted acids and alkalis, mineral oils.

Plexiglass can be transparent, white – light diffusing (opal), colored in mass (with different levels of light transmission).

Plexiglass comes in two versions: cast and extruded

Cast PMMA is more easily machined and thermoplastic. They are used in advertising, among others, for the production of illuminated 3D signs and light boxes (front side), folded stands, advertising stands.

Extruded PMMA is cheaper than PMMA cast, but it is more fragile, making it more difficult to process.



Golden HIPS thermoforming
1 mm thick golden HIPS thermoformed

HIPS is a lightweight material used in the production of advertisements, very easy to thermoform. It is stiff, easy to print, has high resistance to impacts and cracks. HIPS is recommended for the production of internal advertising, because it contains rubber that reduces the strength at break and stability of the mold at high temperatures. Manufacturers offer HIPS in a wide range of colors. Thicknesses of plates start at 0.25 mm. HIPS can be drilled, milled, printed or glued with foil.



PVC foam and hard

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic characterized by high durability and flexibility. The PVC can therefore be both hard and soft. Both types of PVC are used in advertising – there are information boards, advertising signs, stands and shops, decorations and various 3D constructions.

PCV Foam

PVC foam printed using UV technology, thermoforming is easy
PCV foam – direct UV print

In the production of advertisements, mainly foamed PVC sheets are used. By aerating PVC, the material is much lighter and cheaper, with good mechanical properties. It comes in a variety of colors, thicknesses are from 1 to 19 mm. In thermoforming, this material is used for the production of various stands, presenters or shop window decorations.



PVC Hard

Hard PVC is a material with a homogeneous structure, it is in the form of flat sheets with a hard surface. PVC is characterized by high strength and impact strength, stiffness, impact resistance as well as atmospheric and chemical factors. The plates are available in a wide range of thicknesses, formats and colors.


Daniel Mlynarczyk / 2M Visual Solutions