1,5 meter skulls: signage for music festival in Malmö

Signage for music festival in Malmo. Styrofoam skulls painted and glittered.

1,5 meter skulls: signage for music festival in Malmö


Styrofoam skulls waiting to dry. Signage for music festival in Malmo.
Three skulls are waiting to dry

We have been chewing on the most difficult topics related to the production of signage for many years, being here and there. Our company is one year old. It’s not much, but we wouldn’t founded it if we did not know the business. We did our best to make everything work. Thanks to the implementation of complex projects, we have found many business partners who want to work with us regardless of where we are.

This time, the Swedish advertising agency trusted us and gave a very interesting project for implementation.

Pendants, or how we made skulls with a size of 1.5 meters


Pendants - little skulls as a pattern for production of styrofoam signage
Pendants – little skulls as a pattern for production

If you know the materials used in the production of visual advertising very well, then you know what is possible to produce and what is not. In this case, it was about making durable, light and eye-catching skulls, which are part of the decoration of the music festival. Skulls were to be 1.5 meters high. The duration of the external exposure is scheduled to be about 45 days.

Sketches of skulls to work on the real ones.
Sketches of skulls

Little pendants – skulls were the inspiration

When we confirmed that we would like to make such large size signage, drawings were created on their basis. We chose styrofoam for the material, prepared for us for a special order due to the size of the solids. Then everything depended on the skill of our specialist, who was responsible for with the precise sculpting of six skulls. We did not have much time for production.

Six styrofoam skulls in six days


Styrofoam skulls hand-carved. Signage painted and sprinkled with a glitter.
Styrofoam skull waiting on the palette

We had a week to make the styrodur skulls. Time has been chasing us, and haste  is not an ally. However, the sculptures were created in accordance with the assumptions of our specialist. We had time to paint them in the chosen red color, using several layers of paint. Then we sprinkled them with glitter. At the end, we decided to cover each skull with a special varnish, which would additionally protect the surface.

Our cooperation with reliable forwarders has been going on for years. We knew that the styrofoam skulls, prepared for transport, would be delivered to their destination unscathed. We carefully secured every skull with thick cardboard and bubble foil. Each was transported on a separate palette. Skulls arrived in the required time and without any damage.

Musical photo with a skull


Styrofoam skulls hand-carved. Signage painted and sprinkled with a glitter.
Styrofoam signage for music festival in Malmö – details


In the social media you can find many examples of how great our skulls were. Festival participants were happy to photograph themselves in their presence. For us, this is a reason for great satisfaction from the unusual implementation. A bit different than the production of large format prints, light boxes, 3D letters etc.

Our experience is essential here

We are happy to consider the most complex projects. If you cannot make them, we suggest the most similar solutions. We are thinking about all the possible circumstances in which the signage will work best. We know the features of materials precisely, which is why we adapt them to the conditions of a specific visual advertising.



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