Smart Frame

Smart Frame is modern system of stretching of fabrics into aluminium frame. This system is a unique composition of high quality printed on fabrics. Fabrics edged with special silicone rubber provides fast and easy montage. Some profiles are dedicated to manufacturing untypical spatial forms such as rims, circles, boxes readily used in fair and exposition sector. These products may also be backlighted and presented in suspended, wall-mounted or free standing form.

Smart Frame gives possibilities of application, it is designed for both wall mounted, free standing and suspended expositions.

Examples of applications:

  • large format wall graphics
  • pictures of collections, paintings
  • shop windows
  • dressing rooms
  • partition walls
  • lining of shop counters
  • exhibition spaces
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3D letters

Whether your business needs affordable 3D letters, they are the best way to draw attention, even from a distance. 3D letters is an effective way to emphasize the name of your company, store, specialization or department, whether used for interior or exterior purposes.

Types of our 3D letters:

  • block systems – plexi, styrofoam
  • 3D letters glowing forward and backward
  • glowing letters: profiles 01, 1
  • non-glowing letters: profiles 2, 3, 4, 5, 5s, 8

Large Format Printing

We offer large format prints of high quality at an affordable price. We print on the standard role, rigid materials and unusual surfaces like concrete panels, glass, aluminium, wood, carpet etc. Our modern technologies and experienced team of experts provide professional service regardless of the character or difficulty of the task.

Our technology:

  • latex
  • UV
  • eco-solvent
  • sublimation
  • print
  • screen

Light Boxes

Our light boxes are made to create more impactful, attractive customer places, generating sales and brand loyalty. This is the perfect solution for storefront signs for internal and external use.

We produce:

  • standard light boxes – aluminum frame, one-sided, double-sided, XXL
  • unusual light boxes – aluminum frame, rounded corners, half-rounded, ellipses, various shapes
  • dibond light boxes – one-sided and double-sided
  • textile light boxes – aluminum frame, one-sided, double-sided, pylons
  • plexiglass light boxes.

Old School Neons

Advertising neon signs made of long, narrow glass tubes, emitting light in different colors. Tubes filled with neon gas are bent into all sorts of shapes. The gas produces light when the electric current passes through the tube. The production of letters or signs requires glass bending by qualified specialists – it is bent to dedicated shapes using hand tools.

Types of our Neon Lights:

  • transparent glass filled with neon – the tubes are transparent when switched off and turn red when switched on
  • neon lights with transparent tubes coated inside with luminophore, filled with a mixture of gases – emit very intense light and appear in a wide range of colors; after turning off the tube has a white color
  • neon lights with colored tubes – the most esthetic kind of neon lights – luminophore used to increase the brightness of lighting; when turned off, neon lights retain their color; the best solution to use outside

Visual Information Systems

An effective visual information systems screams “Let me help you successfully reach your goals”. Visual Information Systems determine location, suggest the direction in which one should go or they indicate important information about the company or the product. Efficiency of the visual information system is a necessary aspect and it enriches the image of the functionality of each shopping center, museum, airport, hotels, car-parks and other public places.

We produce the following Visual Information Systems elements:

  • digital signage
  • wayfinding signs
  • information boards
  • tables and information panels
  • pictograms
  • pylons and totems
  • guides

Metalwork and Thermoforming

We carry out orders according to ready-made projects or guidelines defined by the client, converting imagination into reality by welding, bending and laser cutting.
In metalwork, we use stainless and acid-resistant steel, aluminum and brass.
Thermoforming is a technology based on vacuum shape giving to thermoplastics. We use such materials as: PMMA (plexi), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PC (polycarbonate), HDPE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PET (polyester), HIPS.

Our metalwork and thermoforming products:

  • displays
  • advertising stands
  • presenters
  • stands
  • shelves
  • light boxes
  • other constructions according to individual projects

Shop Decor

We support creative arrangements of stores, and what is the most important, we produce their essential elements. We offer original, modern designs and equipments for commercial space in many industries, showrooms and stands. We create design, modules and expositions. With the implementation of the advanced multimedia technology and materials we can reinforce the message and present it in order to attract the potential buyer with our product or service.

The modern and attractive appearance of your shop we can achieve using:

  • signs as light boxes, 3D letters and neon lights
  • information points as welcome boards, info-boards, wayfinders
  • digital signage displays
  • wallpapers with individual graphic
  • printed carpets
  • sales and advertising stands
  • perfectly printed large scale graphics: foils, banners, textiles and advertising boards
  • thermoforming and metalwork products

Creative works

We implement graphic designs that increase brand recognition. We analyze the market to create a concept of graphics that will distinguish your company and build emotions around it.

Our creative works include:


  • visual identification: logotypes, brand books, business cards, company stationery, leaflets, posters, folders
  • POS
  • packaging
  • outdoor advertising
  • systems for marking buildings, car parks, shopping centers, etc.

Web Design:

  • websites and online stores
  • graphical setting of social media

Photography for the needs of advertising campaigns:

  • fashion
  • corporate portrait
  • packshots – product photography
  • photography of architecture and interiors
  • image photography

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